On What It Takes To Be Shut Down

I have had Chipotle three times in my life: Once, a couple of years ago, when a family member picked me up some dinner on her way home, and twice at work last year. It wasn’t terrible, but that might be because it’s fake Mexican food and I hate Mexican food. Luckily, I missed the whole E. coli debacle by a few days (hazzah for my unwillingness to walk four blocks in the cold). In any case, it may just be me, but Chipotle seems to have gone from having a bullseye on them, to actually becoming a huge bullseye these days. It seems like every time you turn around, Chipotle is the site of a viral Plague, Inc. outbreak.

It was E. coli in Seattle in July, norovirus and Salmonella in California and Minnesota (respectively) in August,  E. coli in October and November, in nine states, and now norovirus from December in Massachusetts. And that was only the cases from 2015.  The E. coli outbreak last October alone cost them about $8 million dollars. There’s no telling what the outbreak that extended from this January will end up costing them. I don’t understand how Chipotle has any money left, with all of the investigations and their store closures. Even more confounding is that the fast food franchise still has customers. Who (other than the two people in the screenshots below) is going to these restaurants and eating this food? Maybe I’m a bit strange because I’ve never been made sick by served food, as my stomach is reinforced by iron and is encapsulated by super-acidic liquid, so I only have a supposed plan for this kind of situation, but isn’t is a rule that if an establishment makes you ill, you no longer gift them with your patronage? Why would anyone keep buying food from them? Chipotle’s food has you going on both ends, but you go back because the poop germs make the food taste great? It makes no sense. Then again, Denny’s still exists, so… I mean, no one goes to Denny’s and expects good food. It’s just inexpensive garbage on dirty plates. …Maybe I expect too much from people…



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